What is the purpose of war literature?

I believe that there are multiple purposes of war literature.  First off I believe that war literature helps let people back home understand what exactly they are going through while in war.  I also believe soldiers write literature on war to help get their feelings out.  I personally believe that someone is better off writing out their feelings then keeping them all bottled up inside of them.  The longer you have these strong feelings pent up inside of you the worse you will feel.  I believe another purpose of war literature is for soldiers to get their feelings out for other people in similar situations to read about so that they know that they are not alone, that there are other people out there in similar situations.  I full heartedly believe that war literature should be more prominently studied by classes then it currently is.  I feel as though war literature has helped me better understand the kind of circumstances that soldiers have been through and how exactly they feel.  However, I know there is no way what so ever that someone would be able to completely 100% understand what a soldier has been through.


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