It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers By: Margaret Atwood p. 326

“While I was building neat

castles in the sandbox,

the hasty pits were

filling with bulldozed corpses”

The poem It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers by Margaret Atwood is not the conventional war poem that we are used to reading.  This poem talks about a civilian who is not part of the war and how they live such normal lives while in other parts of the world innocent people are being killed and their homes are being destroyed.  I found it interesting how the author talked about how the child was building a sandcastle but that same sand could be used as a burial sight for corpses.  Later on in the poem the author states that “Each time I hit a key on my electric typewriter, speaking of peaceful trees another village explodes.”  This just goes to show that someone in one place is working and living a simple life without a worry in the world while other people are being killed in other parts of the world.  I find it interesting how  people who are not part of he war and are not affected by it don’t think twice about what is going on and don’t even worry about it.  They wouldn’t care a single bit about the war but in if they were in the people shoes that were being attacked then they would think much differently about it.


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