First Snow in Alsace By: Richard Wilbur p.283

“You think: beyond the town a mile

Or two, this snowfall fills the eyes

Of soldiers dead a little while.”

The poem First Snow in Alsace by Richard Wilbur takes snow which is usually something very beautiful and tranquil and turns it into something that is in a way depressing.  Wilbur talks about how the snow fell onto the eyes of the dead soldiers which to me in a way is haunting.  I think it is already scary enough to see a dead body but to see a body that is lightly dusted with snow to me would make it look worse, especially if the body kind of blended in with the field and the snow causes it to be more outlined and prominent.  Wilbur in another part of the poem stated how the snow landed on “what shell bursts scattered and deranged, Entangled railings, crevassed lawn” this is another instance where he takes something beautiful and turns it into something that is very depressing.  It also shows you just how destructive the war is on areas like innocent peoples homes and lawns.  Just because of a war between multiple people someone who is innocent is affected and has all of their belongings destroyed.


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