The Battle By Louis Simpson

“They halted and they dug.  They sank like moles

Into the clammy earth between the trees.

And soon the sentries, standing in their holes,

felt the first snow.  Their feet began to freeze”

This excerpt from the poem The Battle uses quite a bit of imagery.  The authors use of imagery helps the reader to better visualize how the battlefield looked.  The section of the poem that states “They sank like moles into the clammy earth between the trees” depicts a picture of how the soldiers dug into the ground to create a sort of barrier to protect themselves from the their enemies fire.  I think it is also extremely interesting how the author refers to the soldiers as moles.  The referral of the soldiers as moles shows the reader how the soldiers are acting like animals digging into the ground for protection and waiting to pounce on their prey.  Later on in the poem the author says that “the corpses stiffened in their scarlet hoods” the scarlet hoods resembles the blood of the soldier forming a hood around the head of the soldier.


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