Prize for Good Conduct By: Kenneth Allott p.253

“The worn-out voice of the clock breaks on the hour:

The State requires

My wedding ring and my apostle spoons,

My sons.”

The war poem Prize for Good Conduct is an extremely strongly written poem.  The author, Kenneth Allott’s writing shows that he is extremely upset about how the war is being fought and how people are being treated.  The excerpt from the poem is stating that the government is taking all of the valuable property from the citizens to pay for the war.  They government is also taking the children of women to fight in the war.  All of these factors greatly upset Allott.  The poem goes on to talk about how priests and even 200 hundred widows were put to work manufacturing wooden legs and glass eyes.  The reader assumes that the widowed women lost their husbands in the war, which makes you feel bad for them.  The fact that they are still morning over the loss of their loved ones and are put to work just makes you feel complete disgust for the country that is doing this to their people.



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