Battlefield By Richard Aldington p. 200

“The wind is piercing chill

And blows fine grains of snow

Over this shell-rent ground;

Every house in sight

Is smashed and desolate”

This  excerpt from the poem Battlefield by Richard Aldington is really intriguing.  It is an extremely short poem but the author does a very good job getting his point across with very few words.  Aldington uses very good imagery that makes it very easy for the reader to imagine what the battlefield looked like.  The first two lines of the selection are very vivid with the way Aldington uses phrases like “the wind is piercing chill which” which causes you to almost have a shiver down your spine thinking about how cold it is.  The third line of the poem is saying that the ground is destroyed by all of the gun fire and is covered with the shells and shell casings.  The last two lines from the  excerpt explain to you just how bad the landscape is and the complete devastation the battle has brought to the area around where the fight took place.


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