The Unseen Host by: Charles L. Warr

“A few seconds later heagain felt convinced that something moved near the same place. He raised his rifle and fired three rounds on the off chance of it being a prowling German. His, shot seemed to be the signal for a perfect tornado of yells, and suddenly out of the mist there loomedphantom-like figures, armed with cutters. In a moment they were on the wire, cutting asfor their life snip went strand after strand.”

I found the short story “The Unseen Host” by Charles L. Warr to be little odd.  The story takes place in a small town in Belgium.  The main bulk of the story is talking about a battle between British and German soldiers.  The oddest part of the story was when there was a sergeant who fell asleep and slept through the entire battle.  The soldier said he had a dream about a white figure coming to him and not giving up.  The end of the story says that there was a bright light and figure that came out onto the battlefield causing the Germans to retreat.  The excerpt above is one of the most interesting parts of the story.  I found it ironic how the British soldier firing on the German caused the start of the battle when it could have potentially started at a later time.  But at the same time the early start to the battle gave the British an upper hand since the Germans may not have been totally ready for the fight.


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