THE AVIATOR by: Hornell Hart

I found the story “The Aviator” by Hornell Hart to be really odd and at the same time interesting.  The entire time this story keeps your mind going trying to figure out who this guy was and what kind of services he offered to the French.  This unnamed guy seemed really upset that the French did not except his services offer but he was still very determined to greatly hinder the Turkish ability to fight.  This man is flying in a monoplane and is trying to kamikaze himself into the armory of the Turkish fort.  The entire time you are reading the story you feel like he’s going to make it and actually succeed in his plan.  It  was really shocking and extremely ironic when he was shot down by the very people he was trying to help.  If the French hadn’t of shot him down this unmanned pilot would probably had succeeded and would have made the French’s job much much easier. 


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