The College Colonel By Herman Melville p.129

“He rides at their head;

A crutch by his saddle just slants in view,

One slung arm is in splints, you see,

Yet he guides his strong steed- how coldly too.”

This excerpt from the poem The college colonel is very interesting to me.  The first line is stating how the young man is leading his soilders back home.  The second and third line are stating how the young man is badly hurt.  He has lost one of his legs and one of his arms has been badly wounded.  The last line is stating how after everything he has been through he is still leading his men with pride and is still ready to continue in the fight if needed.  The section of the poem that states “how coldly too” seems to be saying that what he has been through has changed him and he is still a good strong leader.  I find it really interesting how even after the young man has lost his leg and has a badly wounded arm he still has it in him to continue leading his troops if needed to.


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