Thomas Campbell Ye Mariners of England p.69

“The Spirits of your fathers

Shall start from every wave –

For the deck it was their field of fame,

And Ocean was their grave”

I found this excerpt from the poem Ye Mariners of England  by Thomas Campbell to be very interesting.  Campbell does an exceptional job at helping you depict a picture of what is going on.  The first and second line are talking about how the Spirits of past sailors are greeting their fellow sailors.  The third line is stating that the deck of their ship is what they are best known for since that is where they conduct their battles.  The men on deck during battle would fire cannons at other ships and would have sword fights with others sailors. The last line is saying that the ocean is the grave of the sailors that do not make it in battle.  I find it interesting that Campbell calls the ocean their grave even though they didn’t go through a proper burial.


2 thoughts on “Thomas Campbell Ye Mariners of England p.69

  1. I think your interpretation of the lines are extremely accurate. I also really enjoyed how the author was able to tie the waves with the spirits of the soldiers, and how the deck was their field of fame. Their setting of war was much different then the normal land soldier, so instead of their graves being in the ground, it was in the ocean.

  2. I agree with your analysis, the words chosen to describe how there field of battle was much different than that fought on land were spot on. The ocean being there grave and where they go to die to them was just as honorable and expected as those who died on the battle field with their brothers. They take pride in their ship, and that they fight on the ocean defending their country.

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