Thomas Campbell Hohenlinden p.70

“Few, few shall part, where many meet!

The snow shall be their winding sheet,

And turf, beneath their feet,

Shall be a soldier’s sepulchre.”

This excerpt from the poem Hoehenlinden is about a brutal battle.  The first line is saying that very few people will make it through this battle.  The second line is saying that the snow will be their burial wrappings.  The third and fourth lines are talking about how the turf their are battling on is going to be where they are buried.  Sepulchre means a burial vault, tomb, or grave.  So when it says “shall be a soldier’s sepulchre it means their grave.  I really like how the author of the poem manages to make the meaning so vivid and clear and at the same   time keeping a serious tone about the entire situation.


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