The Odes p. 13

“The glorious and the decent way of dying

is for one’s country.  Run, and death will seize

You no less surely.  The young coward, flying,

Gets his quietus in the back and knees.”

This exert from the poem  The Odes has a very strong message of fighting for one’s country and not fleeing during battle.  The poem is stating that the honorable way to die is for one’s country.  If you are fighting in war and run from battle you will be considered a coward.  The part of the poem that states “The young coward, flying, gets his quietus in the back and knees”  is saying that if you are flying which refers to running away you will get your quietus which means you will be killed.  Even in today’s society if you run during any war of fight you will be considered a coward and mocked by your country’s people.


2 thoughts on “The Odes p. 13

  1. Your connection of present day to the era of the poem is definitely accurate. This poem’s message is one that can reverberate throughout time, the idea of running from a fight has always been looked on as cowardly and will most likely always be.

  2. Back when the Romans ruled the world, any soldier that would defect from battle would be considered a traitor and would be put to death. They would do this to dissuade others into defecting like their unfortunate friends did.

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